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Get lost

Place: hairdressers

Poison: long black and water of course

Favourite things: inspiration!

well blog two for today! I’m quite inspired. Stuck here in the hairdressers chair, I’m reading a favourite book and came accross this quote…

‘If we don’t get lost, we’ll never find a new route…’

I’m the sort of person who regurally gets lost. Even on my way to this appointment I got a little lost as I drove around quite aimlessly.

I love to drive to and fro from work different ways, I love walking around my neighbourhood looking at people, details, flowers and everyday happenings.

When we have an eye looking for the numinous, the unusual, the delightful you will live a life of fresh inspiration.

You may get lost, but every new route has the potential of a new idea.

Break out of your daily routine and expose yourself to the new, problems will be solved, light bulbs will turn on, life will look a little different!!

get lost today!


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