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Struggling with excuses

Place: Lounge room

Poison: Water

Favourite Things: Hertime Occasion

Coke Zero: nope

Water: yes

Walk: yes

In the midst of a major event, to complete this 30 day challenge is a little stretching. Tonight, I had every excuse why I shouldnt go for a walk through my head. I did everything I could to convince myself out of this opportunity for inspiration. I think the only thing that convinced me, was this commitment I had made to myself to push through.

When your day is full of struggle and your mind is clouded with decision making, the first thing to go is often that which refreshes and recharges. Whether that is reading, quiet time, excercise, meditation, prayer, cooking with fresh ingrediants. Whatever it is that creates space and an opportunity for the new, is often the first to be gone out of your daily routine.

What is it, that you drop off your scheduling sheet in the midst of struggle, playing your guitar, painting or writing. Find a way to make those inspiration factories not negotiable.

Even when stress and worry do its best to defeat you.

Struggling with excuses is a human trait. The life of a overcomer however is that who silences the excuses and does it anyway.


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