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The weeeeeekkkkkkeeennnddd

Place: aunty Eileens

Poison: cab sav

Favourite things: my neices popping by just cause they have to see aunty manda

Walk: yep

Water: yep

Coke zero: noooooo

It’s the weeeekkkklkleeeeennnnndddddd.


I had such a great picnic with my friend Annette, she forced me out of my office.

We went into the park and I realized in working ten years with a park behind my work I rarely go into the park and chill.

How often is the free golden opportunities that are right under our nose we ignore out of busyness?

The delightful park near by that you have been ignoring find a friend and
Soak up the weekend vibes!

Chill while we can.

Annette so good to have you back from Africa. Stay in the pocket girlfriend.


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