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Granmas home made roast

Place: granmas

Poison: lemon squash

Favourite things: all of granmas teddys

Walk: briefly

Water: yes

Coke zero: nope

I love chilling at my grans. She has every quirky type of Teddy bear and doll known to man.

She has a penchant like me for all things Christmas.

She made me a roast for dinner and we ate dinner on fifty year old plates with ducks flying on them from the farm. Granma proudly told me that in the fifty plus years of using those plates she has only ever broken one.

Now that’s a good innings.

How quick are we to move with fashion, whims in pursuit of the new…

I hope I have some duck plates in 50 years time that I am telling my adult granddaughter that I have kept for years and broken only one.

Longevity is a very undervalued asset in our pursual of all things crisp and new.

Find an old set of plates from your granmas cupboard and revel in the nostelgia!


Living closer to Granma definately has benefits!


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