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30 day reflection

Place: Hyde park

Poison: celebratory coke zero

Favourite things: my friends

Walk: yes

Coke zero: broken fast

Water: need to get on with it.

After thirty days of restricting somethings and encouraging others I find myself in a place of amusement.

I have learnt nothing new.

I have enhanced and reminded myself that nothing happens without effort and accountability. There are many things that I want to achieve in life, however these successes are worth nothing without people to share them with.

I found a teatowel that I’m going buy from website called heaven.

It’s says…

Im so determined to stretch out and believe more for that which is people enriched.

To find a life worth living is one that is shared with friends, lovers, aquaintences even randoms. Pure delight found in the sharing of truth.

Summer and a life of balance you are within my reach, but not at the cost of relationship.

It is so good to stretch yourself sometime setting random little goals to bring a sense of perspective, challenge and achievement but never at the cost of the bigger picture.

Toast to you and you and you.

What adventure shall we embark upon next?


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