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sea slugs versus sea urchins

Place: The Shack

Poison: Long Black

Favourite Things: 42 degree days when Im on holidays and at the shack!

As I walked my beach this morning for miles upon miles all I could see was ‘beached as’ sea slugs. Man, they are U.G.L.Y…

What was God thinking? They must have some sort of purpose, maybe they are the vacum cleaners of the ocean or the mops. Maybe dishcloths or security for the little fish. Whatever their purpose is, they are very ugly. The size of a large bag of peas, dark brown with splashes of orange.

Sea Slugs got me thinking about the ugly things in each and everyone of our lives and how they can distract us from our main purpose. See I was walking a specific part of the beach because I am collecting sea urchins.

Sea urchins on the other hand, are delightfully delicate, they are striped and pale in colour. They are precious and rare, only a keen observer can find them in the midst of the sea weed (and the abundance of sea slugs!)

How is it that the delightfully delicate in our lives, gets overtaken by that which is ugly? I was so distracted by the ‘beached as Sea Slugs’ that I couldnt find one sea urchin this morning.

I am convinced that this is the same in my inner world. There are delicate thoughts and impressions that when discovered can bring deep revelation, yet they are continually bombarded by that which is ugly in my life. Why does the ugly (shame, grief, guilt, decay, pride, anger) feature so much more in the foreground of my life than that which is precious and rare (joy, peace, kindness, inspiration, love).

I am determined to excavate for the sea urchins, rather than be distracted by the sea slugs.

The sea slugs (the ugly) have their place. Keeping me humble, reliant on the higher power, grounded, earthed and real but I’m determined in 2010 to collect bucket fulls of rare inspiration and spread it around.

Watch out for sea slugs…search out the sea urchins…


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