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renovation rescue

Place: the Shack

Poison: Iced green tea

Favourite Things: my new sunhat…

I took the week of work this week to renovate my little beach shack.

Im not sure I can ever go back to work.

Late sleep ins, still covered in little specks of paint from the night before. Walks on the beach, sewing machine roaring, using my computer for research that is not work related…Why has it taken me this long to take time out to create?

I have no answers, but know that this week needs to be made an annual pilgrimage to all things reno!

It is rescuing my creative self.

I’m finding strength in the anonymity and loving every second of its freedom.

How can I make this a part of my weekly planner, so I can sustain the pace of my overscheduled career?



Sanding Paper


Sewing machines

Mineral turpentine

Paint rollers


Tomorrow is my last day of renovation rescue by myself and then a team of friends is coming for the long weekend to help me out!

Im so excited.

Renovate with me sometime soon?


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