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kindle versus ipad

Place: My Office

Poison: Long Black

Favourite Things: technology…

I have been playing with a kindle and an ipad together and have a new love of technology.

As I play with these two toys, particularly the reading of book functions on them both, there is a part of my heart that feels like I’m having an affair.

Like I have been married to the written word on paper and now I am toying with the possibility of a paperless future.

I’m really unsure how I feel about this. As a writer, as a lover of stationary and all things ink, my heart is a little confused.

I love the thought of new innovation, I love that my travel luggage, which is normally overweight due to the amount of books, will be more appropriate to my bank balance.

But really…my book case, the smell of a new book, my new manuscript that I sent to a designer today…yes AHHHHH!!! Its future as a downloadable item rather than a in your hands, I brought this book feeling.

Im not sure.

So exploration here I come.

Kindle, Ipad or the real deal…not sure who is going to win my heart but the feeling of naughtiness at the potential is quite exciting anyways.



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  1. I know the feeling Amanda. I’m an English graduate with a love for books as we know them and hubby bought me a kindle for Christmas. I feel a tad schizo.

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