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Love the unexpected

Place: melaka KL

Poison: water

Favourite things: the community karaoke happening outside our hotel, raising money for a local family who lost 5 members of their family in a car accident.

Often our lives are limited because of our expectations. When the unexpected comes along, if we grab hold of it’s potential it has the ability to change our very lives.

My long service leave has become full of the unexpected. We had a lot of plans, that were changed at the very last minute, but its in the realm of the unexpected, that surprise and opportunity hold hands and take your dancing with delight.

Randomly I was reading about this town in KL south, two hours drive from KLCC and two hours away from Singapore, called Melaka. So Pavel our friend here took the day off work and we drove to the town unsure what to expect, packing an overnight bag just in case.

The funny thing is, what we found completely blew all of our expectations away. A mix of so many cultures in one small town. A heritage listed town for UNECO, should be preserved as it is delightful.

From the churches built in the 1600’s, to the town square, fountain and all, that looks like it’s been ripped out of a page in Italy’s lonely planet guide. To little India, where grown men sit sewing suits on their front porches and chinatown that has completely transformed into the best night market I’ve ever seen.

We decided against booking our hotel and just winging it, walking from hotel, to bed and breakfast, from dormitory, to hostel. All we were asking for, was a triple room and a lot of vibe.

We found a boutique hotel, that is so delightful. It is right at the heart of Chinatown and I couldn’t be happier.

The street hawkers selling roast pork and steamed chicken. The satay sticks simmering, the wonton noodle soup frothing. My senses are in overdrive and my tummy is churning from the home made ice-cream we finished off the evening with.

The town has a Vienna-ish feel through the centre as there is a river running through the town, with small boats touring the visitors, showing off it’s Dutch and Portuguese heritage to boot.

As we lay here watching a movie, snuggled away in the air conditioned comfort, I’m so thankful for the unexpected. Today took my breath away, mostly because it was so uncalculated.

Most of my life is so planned and detailed, it’s list obeyed and appointment scheduled. To have a few months of the unexpected is such a gift.

Open yourself up to the unexpected, you won’t know what’s around the corner.




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