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The 5RM shop

Place: the wedge wood apartments KL

Poison: nothing

Favorite things: setting up Pavs new home

We have spent the last two days, setting up our friend Pavel’s new home. So exciting to go into Ikea with someone elses credit card and create a home space.

I love creating homes, its the artwork, the pillows, the cups and saucers, the candles, the bits and bobs that I believe really speak the character of the owners.

It has been such a pleasure to just spend time loving on our friend who is far away from his homeland of Russia.

As we were walking through the shops, I stumbled upon the most amazing little shop. One that I will never forget.

Everything in the shop is imported from Japan. Its not a small shop, around the size of a local supermarket.

The japanese are so inventive, creative and down right quirky, so as I perused the aisles of this random happenstance I was spell bound.

A shop full of very random quirky little things.

But guess what?

Everythinng was 5 ringets, which is around $1.25 Aussie.

I was completely shocked when I got to the counter and so wanted to go back again for a second round of shopping.

You know when $2 shops in australia have really useless things.

I promise the $1.25 shop all imported from Japan has the coolest stuff.

I brought some charcoal face cleanser, that foams up and “the charcoal draws the impurities out of the skin”, Charl brought a foot pumice stone, which he is mighty pleased with and also I brought some liquid eyeliner for $1.25.

I know so boring, but its the little things that make you laugh and intrigue you, when you don’t have to worry about the everydayness of life whilst on holidays.

I am getting a little bored however and very ready to jump into married life.

The wedding is pretty much arranged, but the creative juices are needing expression somehow and the wedding seems to be getting its residue.

Cant wait to come home.

but will struggle to say goodbye to the $1.25 shop from Japan.

Peace out!


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  1. This is the first time I checked out your blog, and honestly, compared to your other posts, “Capture: 30 Days Of Inspiration” is much more well-written! 🙂 Keep up the good work. Regards, Haley Boies

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