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Place: Amed

Poison: Pear Green Tea

Favourite Things: Writing in my bathers fresh from a swim.

I was reading in scripture the other day the poetic interpretation by Eugene Peterson about Gods love and his ‘unforced rhythms of grace’. As I have thought about this I have realised that I am so far from this, I am so unnatural in my application of grace that life sometimes seems graceless rather than gracefull. (double LL intentional)

Grace I believe comes far from naturally, but its seems that from God its as easy as creating another star or universe.

As we walk through dusty streets and locals harass us to buy one more, one more, As we zip in and out of traffic that is incomprehensible for my western stomach, as we pray each time we eat hoping our food is fresh and not manky, Grace is not something that comes easily.

However when I take time to think and apply that which I know to be true, I am graced with the amazing opportunity to live in Australia, to own a house, to have a job which is stretching but most definitely inspires me to live a bigger life. I am graced. Gods unforced rhythms of grace are accessible to me, I just need to open my heart to their happenings.

It was my Dads 60th birthday this week and after his party I sat with my Uncle till 5.30am chatting about family, life, heartache and pain. I realised that I was graced with an opportunity of a lifetime, the ability to just talk and listen. The rhythms of grace are awaiting our exploration, often its just time that is needed to seek them out.

Our number one quote that came out of that long winding conversation in Kuta Bali was this…Life is just to short! Coming from a 60plus Uncle, listened by a 30plus niece, allowing grace and forgiveness to mark our lives, is a mature perspective that so many miss out on as they don’t reflect upon the unforced rhythms of grace.

May I never be to busy to seek Him that graced me with so much.


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