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Place: Tulamed

Poison: Old Town Coffee from KL

Favourite Things: My dive ticket and the potential exploration of the next few days.

I am so excited about the potential of the next few days. We have escaped the big city of Kuta and have driven around the island to go diving for a couple of days.

In the midst of all our travels, my companions have become severely addicted to a game that is so old school it makes me laugh.


We are obsessed.

There is something so satisfying about the sheer beauty of seeing pieces of puzzles fit together and the sheer frustration with just one bad move and the whole game is broken.

Panic, fear and terror arise as the pieces build up and the climax of the day crescendos as you loose terribly with a small amount of points and your patience gone as you so wanted to beat your friend in this torturous computer folly.

As I have been falling asleep at night I find myself trying to slot tetras pieces together and I smile at my obsession, glad that my late night thoughts, for once in my life are full of meaningless computer games, rather than stress filled work solutions.

As I have been falling asleep I have realised however there is something within all of us, that wants the pieces to come together in perfect harmony.

We want our lives to feel like a Tetris game, with colours matching, jigsaw puzzles completing and the score to rack up on the side, so that we can chide our companions about our prowess and skills.

How much does the local bar on a Friday night sound like a Human Tetris game?

‘Yeah I found this chick/guy every things gonna work out, game, set, match. Am I succeeding?’

‘Hey did you hear I won that big contract at work, I’ve found a new employee, we just brought the best house on the street, that holiday coming up is going to put everything back in order? Yep life- its beautiful!’

I find so much more, that its rare for life to fit together perfectly, and those pieces (people, jobs, sickness, frustrations…) come around quicker than the imatchable pieces in Tetris and as the game speeds up, there are times when it just all falls apart.

(Optimistic hey!)

The one thought I have of encouragement, though, the more I play Tetris, the more I learn, the better I get and the more I deal with the random flying objects.

I don’t believe life is about having a high score and an empty Tetris board where everything has come together. I think its more about the lessons learned along the way, and the people we have hung out with, not competed against.

I wont remember the competition of our Tetris championships and Im sure I wont remember who’s winning…but my goodness can I remember the laughs, the long road trips and the screams as we have stuffed up once again.

Play on dear friend.

Who really cares who wins in the end anyway!!



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