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Freedom riders

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I have been watching a documentary on the freedom riders from the 1960’s and I am acutely aware of how fragile our world is.

As much as life as we know it for african americans, the appalling biogotry has changed so significantly only in my mums lifetime. I am watching the news here in Australia, 2011 over 50 years later and am so appalled at the treatment of refugee’s in our country.

In our pursuit of technology, morality and truth still at the very heart of our human condition, we repel from those who are different to us.

My family of five, all own our own houses/apartments and live in them by ourselves. Bedrooms upon bedrooms of empty space and wasted electricty. Our society celebrates this as success! However in detention centres around the Australia, people who sold their lives to escape harm and poverty to find safety in our land of freedom are bundled away in prison cells.

Have we really learnt anything? or does our society always have to go back to a place of the lowest common denominator; Threatened by diversity.

I wish we had a group of freedom riders non-violently making a eternal change in the lives of those who will never be able to thank them.

Diversity is not a threat Australia, its what makes us stronger!


Mrs V.

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