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The x factor

Place: my lounge

Poison: cranberry juice

Favourite things: fish and chips for dinner

I am sitting here (actually lying on the couch) watching the x factor on television. Australian Idol, X factor, australia’s got talent and karaoke style reality tv shows went off my radar quite a few years ago as I found them so same/same.

However last night I stumbled upon the last 5 mins of the show and my heart completely broke as I heard the story of Emmanuel, a beautiful 17ish year old physically challenged young man as he serenaded me to imagine.

In fact, I sobbed!

Tears didn’t stream down my face, they rivered. One of the judges, Natalie blurted out ‘He made me realise that all the stuff I worry about seem so insignificant.’ Then tonight a mother who was diagnosed with breast cancer at 16 weeks pregnant defied the odds and did everything to come on the stage and let her guard down and move beyond her diagnosis.

See I strongly believe that everyone has the x factor. It is our individual stories.

Your story is your x factor. Where have you been? Where are you going? What has broken you? What has made you stronger?

What’s your x factor?


1 thought on “The x factor

  1. Love this!
    I love how you think and I completely agree.
    Those stories were so moving and you’re spot on, their stories are their x factors. And ours are too.
    Beautiful girl!
    Keep it up.
    Can not wait for the new book!
    If you want someone to look it over…
    Hehe 🙂

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