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Eleven opportunities for the little things

Place: home

Poison: green iced tea with ginger

Favourite things: trying Jamie Oliver recipes…

Okay, okay- you know the song, I don’t need to write it out again…On the eleventh day of Christmas my true love gave to me eleven opportunities for the little things…etc etc

Last night we pulled out the record player and dropped some Christmas tunes, invited my sister and mum over, made icecream sundaes and started Christmas a little early.

As we were waiting, we turned on the TV, I made a roast and we watched Jamie Oliver’s Christmas special.

One of his recipes was a Christmas icecream pudding.

We have a Russian friend with us for Christmas and he is very new at the whole idea, so off we went to the shops this morning and brought the ingredient and away we went.

As we were preparing, I took a moment and thought, ahhh the mess, my house is clean, what if it doesn’t work…

Every excuse under the sun…

And then a little expectation arose.

And we seized the opportunity.


I have the smallest kitchen, in a little beach shack and I made a Christmas pudding with a Russian body builder, who was smashing around utensils and plates.

And I couldn’t have had more fun.

Christmas Eve…

A place of opportunity.

Seize them and celebrate life and love.

Turn off the Ebenezer Scrooge and catch the opportunities that manifest.

They may never come again.

You never know what next year will bring…

Don’t miss the small things, the little things, that create lasting memories.

Christmas is won and lost in the little things.

Conversations with Granma on the couch, drinks poured with enemies, sharing encouragement to the unloved.

Live loud in the small things this Christmas.

It only comes once a year…

Merry little things


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