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12 days of messiness!

Place: my cousins outside lounge

Poison: iced white Christmas T2 tea

Favourite things: lazy long lunches, that turn into dinners!

Happy Messy Christmas!

Last night Haydn spoke a Christmas message at our church service about having a messy Christmas!

Not one with too many drinks, not one where we forget what’s happening, no its all about having a Christmas that’s not perfect.

We dream of kink free Christmas’, one where it snows if we are in a winter climate, one where no one fights, one where we get the perfect presents, food, weather and conversation.

However the first Christmas so many years ago was far from perfect. A baby born in a manger (one that animals had fed out of!) I’m struggling to think about putting my baby in a cot that’s from Target…

A unmarried mother.

A stable instead of a nursery.

Yet it was a holy night…

Holiness and perfection do not co-exist. We think perfection in relationship and moments is all about lack of stress, but sometimes the messiest times can be the best.

Today Christmas day, our car has broken down. And I just reminded myself! Happy Messy Christmas.

Not everything is perfect. Even Christmas…

12 days captured

Messy Christmas everyone


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