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366 days of novice motherhood…

Place: the car

Poison: chicken wrap

Favourite things: a brand new year!

I am attempting a challenge that may be very unwise in the season I am entering but we all need a challenge sometime!

I want to blog everyday of this leap 2012th year about my tales, woes and adventures of novice motherhood.

I have an idea for a book at the end of it, but am really happy with a creative boundary that encourages stimulation and discussion!

We brought a pram today, no mean feat as we have discussed this pram buying scenario for 3 months and this week we made a decision on a new car in a day!

Out of balance much…I think so…

Anyways, hope you want to go on this journey of learning with me.

Tomorrow I’m going to share the new year questions I ask myself every year to provide scope, shape and inspiration to my little life.

Hope we can learn together.

Day 1 of 366

365 to go.

Happy novice learning together everyone.


Mrs V

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