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365 third trimester blues

Place: in Bed

Poison: anti acids

Favourite things: anti acids

Who would have known, after my exciting start to 366 days of posting it would have gone downhill so fast?

We’re not sure if it was the chicken wrap, the kidney infection or a combination of Christmas over indulgence, but last night I didn’t sleep a wink…

Sad face!

I had severe indigestion and something was not right, my husband rang the hospital and they suggested lots of hot towels and rest. A night of discomfort ensued.

We are at the pointy end of this pregnancy my friend and it’s hard to believe so many women have gone before me and come out the other side okay.

Oh my! I was so determined not to whine and complain through this pregnancy because it was so eagerly anticipated…

But seriously God what were you thinking?


I have been trying to get myself into a place of rest that I believe will end in sleep tonight.

Fingers crossed. XX

To all the women who have gone before me, I salute you. To all the men who made us pregnant ‘be kind’!!

The third trimester is a treat!


Mrs V

1 thought on “365 third trimester blues

  1. Mrs V I love your mind!!!
    I love your words too…yes pregnancy is hard but YES you have a delightful package waiting at the finish line!
    love x Stacey

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