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Place: car yard

Poison: hot chocolate

Favourite things: our crumpler baby bag

I’m sitting awaiting the pick up of our new (used) car which is another part of the journey towards motherhood.

A safe car big enough for a pram, baby seat and of course the precious cargo.

We tried to be really conservative in our selection so that we don’t finish the season of two incomes with debt.

The life of finances and motherhood is not an easy traverse, as everything within you wants the best of the best, however that is not necessarily the wisest position to place your family in.


What makes us think that having the most expensive things will make our children happy

Why do  we follow a culture that says the more expensive, the better the quality?

I think we easily believe the lie, the more money and possessions we own the happier we will be.

I truly believe our child will be happiest, when we are happiest, which for me personally is when I am centered by my faith and the promises of God

Imagine  what the world would look like if we consumed less and reflected more? If we spent less and created more? If we spoke less and listened more?

That’s what the next generation are hungering for, a society that is engaged more in the moment rather than blindly working overtime to provide for the future.

Working hard and storing up a inheritance for the future is imperative, but at what cost

For another car, boat, holiday or to pay off the credit card that is already maxed.if we consumed less and recycled more, if we spent less and re-used more, if we dreamed of time as a family rather than a new toy to purchase…I’m not sure but maybe life might be a little kinder to us all.

Finding wisdom in our finances is not something that is encouraged or popular

I want to live counter culturally however.

How about you?

Mrs V



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