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Surprise dates

Place: on the train

Poison: pineapple lumps

Favourite things: little jars with flowers in them on my coffee table.

Today is the date, that Charl invited me on a proper date, that slowly shifted our friendship into something more serious.

This time a few years ago I was nervous, tentative and worried we might ruin something that was great by turning it into something that might not work.

The risk paid off and look at us now, married, pregnant and life long partners in creative and inspirational crime!

So I am on the train, surprising him at work with a picnic blanket and some love, to re-create our first date.

A photo has been texted.
A surprise has been hinted at.

And our night is underway!!!

We want to be really careful in this new season of babyhood and familyness, that we dont loose the excitement and expectation we felt as we tinkered in the land of…does she like me? Does he like me? Do we risk this? Or don’t we?

Life is far too short for beige relationships.

Make sure you keep your accounts short and the intrigue high.

It doesn’t have to cost alot or even mean leaving the house but write a note and put it in a bottle, hiding it for your partner to find. Record a video and send it via email. Type a note declaring your love and thankfulness. Cook some biscuits and hide in their lunchbox. Light a candle, turn off the TV, don’t check Facebook as your falling to sleep, write dreams and goals together, get a babysitter, do anything; just be creative in keeping your love alive!


Mrs V

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