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The inbetween

Place: home

Poison: sour cream and chives chips

Favorite things: wool

I only have a few days of work left and I have that inbetween kind of face on today.

It’s not a nice face, it’s a confused, frustrated and hopeful one.

The inbetween place is a uncomfortable one.

How can we wait out the inbetween place with grace?

Just acknowledge it and wait…

Inbetween is not a funny place,

Inbetween is not a place of comfort,

The Inbetween feelings in ours lives often are swept away when the new season arrives.

Whatever you’re inbetween, find strength in that which is beyond you, communicate with your person (the one who truly understands your uniqueness and strengths), take a deep breath and launch out into the new.

Inbetween you are truly making me hurt today.

Please go away and don’t come back again soon.

Deep breath


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