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Memorize me!

Place: home

Poison: ginger beer

Favorite things: my new nursing chair

There is a line in a song I have been listening to recently quite a lot finishes with this one line ‘You memorize me’…

The line is no where else in the song, it’s a statement that rings loud and true.

It’s in reference to God. The song is all about God and the knowledge of him.

One thing we humans wish we could emanate of God is a 100% faultless memory.

Aside from a very select few, and even their memories are not completely faultless…no one can completely memorize another.

Yet this song proclaims that God memorizes us. He knows everything about us, he knows every part of us, he knows our beginning and our end, he knows our today and our tomorrow…

I love that thought, when times are tough, when life is confusing, that there is someone who can be known, but more impacting than this, he knows everything about us.

You memorize me.

That helps me take comfort.


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