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Surprises amidst

Place: home

Poison: toothpaste

Favorite things: twitter

Two days to go until I am officially not working for a while and my day was actually okay.

It had its ups and downs, but mostly the change of season and breath of fresh air surprised me.

Another surprise today, was opening my twitter account to a random direct message informing me that I had won two tickets to an expensive concert 3 hours south from my home, this Sunday!

Every other Sunday I would have been so disappointed because I would have had to work, however this is my first Sunday not working and guess what, the first day of our Babymoon where I have booked accommodation down south for five nights.

What a gift!

What a surprise!

What a way to start this new season…

Honestly I read a twitter saying respond in 140 characters or less why you love Margaret river and I quickly responded not even thinking about the prize or even when the concert was and it couldn’t have been more divine timing…

See when all things seem dark and dreary, difficult and confusing, there is a light that cracks through and brings delightful surprises in that place of transition.

So surprised I can’t go to sleep.

So excited that I have an author in heaven who delights over his daughter.

So impressed with the timing and start to our Babymoon with no expert organization from yours truly.

I am very blessed indeed.



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