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Your clan

Place: hospital

Poison: water

Favorite things: Maximus Andries Viviers (of course)

Well at 00.29 this morning after a full day of labour, on the 26th of February I gave birth to my first born, a son named Max!

He takes my breath away.

All day today we have had a family only visit day and as I sit here an reflect upon my Dad holding our son, my brother holding his nephew, my sister holding her nephew, my Mum her grandson, my Granma her great grandchild…I am overwhelmed at the power of your clan.

The group of people who make you, the group that mark you with culture and history. Those who share your deepest darkest secret.

For today only Im taking a Lenten break from my 40 day Bible meander, to honor and place value on mine and my husbands clan.

Without them we would both be the poorer, without them my world would be significantly smaller, without them I am unsure how my flavor of life would be reciped!

As I lay here completely exhausted I am overwhelmed by our new contribution to the clan but also I eagerly have been awaiting their footsteps down the hospital corridor, knowing my clan know my story and how much of a miracle max is in my arms.

If you find yourself clan-less, it’s never too late to gather one and foster it.

If you have a clan you take for granted, then make an effort today to prioritize their potential.

I love my clan. Even the annoying, the frail, the heartless and the broken.

Without them I’m not sure who I would follow in the footsteps of, for my little Max.

Mummy V is exhausted yet completely fulfilled.

Lord teach me

Mummy v

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