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His humanity

Place: the hairdressers

Poison: coffee white with one

Favorite things: my new found passion for capture…

The deity of Christ often consumes me.

The humanity of Christ however always inspires me.

It would be easy to believe in a God that is sovereign, all powerful, removed and pious.

Yet Christ debunks all our preconceived ideas with one feat…his manhood.

He didn’t sit upon a throne in heaven and declare his power, he laid down the right to his sovereignty and came to this earth, walked it and felt everything we feel.

His humanity baffles me,

His humanity humbles me,

His humanity inspires me…

Lenten blog

So Pilate took Jesus and had him whipped. The soldiers, having braided a crown from thorns, set it on his head, threw a purple robe over him, and approached him with, “Hail, King of the Jews!” Then they greeted him with slaps in the face. Pilate went back out again and said to them, “I present him to you, but I want you to know that I do not find him guilty of any crime.” Just then Jesus came out wearing the thorn crown and purple robe. Pilate announced, “Here he is: the Man.” When the high priests and police saw him, they shouted in a frenzy, “Crucify! Crucify!” Pilate told them, “You take him. You crucify him. I find nothing wrong with him.” (John 19:1-6 MSG)

Pilate said the most profound statement of all…

‘Here he is; the man’

I wonder how Pilate reflects now on the choices he made in that court to crucify Jesus?

This Easter I implore you to reflect on Christs humanity in the midst of his sovereignty in your life.

If you struggle to believe, take time to reflect on his humanity and then lean in towards his deity.

I believe His feet touched our earth and then proceeded to be transformed into heaven.

As we all step towards Easter week, in some churches this week is called holy week, my prayer is that you would be awakened to the reality of Christ this Easter.

Not as a far away removed idol, but an everyday man who took on the weight of our world and won.

Holy week is nearly here, I stand back in wonder and ask God that my heart would be awaken to his purpose not my own.

Forever changed


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