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Place: Eastlake Church

Poison: flat white

Favorite things: friends and family in church together

Easter is not about chocolate!

Easter is not about a four day holiday.

Easter is not about hot cross buns, Easter bonnets, passion plays, church, marshmallows, hunts or long leisurely lunches.

Easter is about you and me.

You might think that you are far from valuable, you might think you are unloved, you might think you are despised, rejected or foresaken.

The story of today, the story of the cross is all about you and me.

It is a people centric tradition. It was designed with you as the focus.

Without people, the significance of the cross would be null and void.

We had an interesting conversation with my eight year old nephew on Monday night. He asked me ‘aunty manda am I Christian or Catholic?’

I said to him ‘Well depends do you believe in God?’

He said ‘No I don’t believe in God’

I said ‘well where do you think you came from?’

He said ‘I believe we came from

I said ‘ I believe it takes more faith to think we came from monkeys, than a God who loves us unconditionally and created each and every one of us unique and valued.’

The conversation went on for a long time and traversed through dinosaurs, to monkeys, to Jesus, to our uniqueness…and at the end of our discussion my nephew was no closer to believing in God and that is okay. I’m impressed that he is actually asking the questions and not just blindly believing another’s faith. He embraces chocolate Easter eggs with abandon however and I love him.

Lenten blog
1 Peter :18
For Christ also suffered once for sins, the righteous for the unrighteous, to bring you to God. He was put to death in the body but made alive in the Spirit. (1 Peter 3:18 NIV)

Today is all about you. Good Friday is a day that Jesus thought through the generations, he knew every detail of your life and he died so that you may be free.

Good Friday is bigger than a cross, it is about a lover who died for his beloved.

You are his beloved.

Rest in peace


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