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Coo’s and giggles

Place: home

Poison: chewing gum

Favourite things: wearing my husbands old tshirt.

Well the unexpected did come to us in the last 24hrs with my whole (little) family being admitted into hospital.

Sorry I was a little cryptic yesterday but I didn’t want my husbands family to read about it on Facebook and wanted them to know the details firsthand.

Charl was admitted into hospital yesterday with suspected bacterial menegitis, therefore me and max we susceptible to infection also. It all happened pretty quickly, but max and I have just gotten home as it seems to be more viral than the former.

Which is good news.

I feel really torn right now because our little family was going on their first plane ride tomorrow night to one of my best friends weddings. As I wrote yesterday though the unexpected gets us all sometimes and it’s just how we respond to it that matters.

As I lay here reflecting on the last 24hrs, Max is in his Moses basket expressing himself through goo’s, coo’s, ahh’s and giggles. He is just finding his voice and is so completely unaware to the stress and happenings of the last little while.

His happiness and excitement at finding his voice soothes me with the knowledge that we serve a greater power who is at work through all this.


He knows everyday before one comes to pass…

As I listen to my goo-ing machine I am so assured of Gods promise and presence.


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