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Celebrate your unique

Place: home

Poison: Pepsi max

Favorite things: iron on transfer paper

My son has so many clothes, they overflow out of his little cupboards.

The only thing is so many of them are ultra baby and ultra boring.

Our little man is already showing his quirky personality. We were the parents who swore our son would not have a dummy, we lasted 3 weeks.

Then the dummy was only to be used at night…now we spent two whole days this week looking for his dummy that we lost, because he refused to have any other type than his specific one.

Our son is a dummy snob. At 8 weeks old he is marking his personality and preference. At which we giggled all day, because it was Anzac day and target wasn’t open to buy his muse. At 3am
I was completely baffled. How did he build up a dislike to the four other types of dummies I could buy at the IGA which was open and not the 12 dollar dummy from target.

Today I have spent the day making our little man some unique onesies and as I created them I was reminded why his personality is beginning to shine through his dummy preference.

He is unique.

Before the earth was formed, God shaped him, formed him in my womb. His little finger prints are unique, his smile is unique, his eyes are unique. He is one of a kind.

He is delightful and quirky and he is no different to you.

You are so delighted in by the Father. You are celebrated for your quirks, your loves, your differences and your DNA.

No one else is even a little bit like you. You are unique. When we celebrate our differences, we all grow in our own personalities and strengths. It is only then that I believe the world can thrive like it was created to.

Celebrate you, celebrate your children, celebrate your unique.

Whether it be your love of chocolate covered licorice like me or a certain type of dummy like my Maximus…

Celebrate your unique.


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