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Technology free

Place: home

Poison: French earl grey tea

Favourite things: Kelly and Adam Cross over for dinner

Today was a strange sort of day. It started off with so much potential, after a great sleep I went to the gym and Max hung out with my dad, then we visited my Granma in hospital.

It had all the potential of a really great day…then I got home and realized the Internet was down, the phone lines were off and my mobile wasn’t working.

The storm that had been affecting so many people in our state had made its way to our house to frustrate and wreck our day.

I allowed technology and the lack there of to ruin my day.

It completely switched my mood, like a alcoholic needing a drink, like a drug addict needing a high, I needed my fix. I started to feel all panicky because I couldn’t get in touch with people. I felt isolated, I felt deprived, I felt seriously out of control.

I don’t know what happened to me, but somehow, somewhere in the process of becoming a mum, I have become addicted to technology.

I have been fasting television this month and it has been completely breaking me down, not having that connection to the outside world. I think our world is news addicted. We live off the drama that the media creates.

The storm in our city was escalated, exaggerated and dramatized by the media that whipped our city into a frenzy.

Here I was this afternoon a addict completely frustrated at not being able to connect.

What happened to my local coffee shop?

What about my family who live minutes away?

What about reading, writing, the old fashioned way?

When did I become so computer obsessed?

Tonight it was all brought into perspective with an amazing dinner with two courageous and beautiful people.

Our friends Adam and Kelly have just arrived back from a year and a half living in a slum in Thailand, serving the poorest of the poor.

Their stories made my heart leap, their courage made my soul quieter, their love for people made my thirst quench. I realized that technology although it helps us, it is our servant, not our master.

That servant actually needs to serve to help our purpose. It is not supposed to master us and our purpose.

So I am thinking more than television a social media fast is probably needed next, but I’m not sure how great I’ll go on that one.

It’s all a step at a time, but I am desperately trying to live a life of purpose drawing people closer to their creator.

That’s why I challenge and fast myself from things that cloud my mind and heart of pure and honorable things.

Technology you are an amazing tool, but I can live without you. It might hurt to start off with, but nothing should make me feel like I did today in is absence.

Even though my season has changed dramatically, I am not allowing technology to master me!

For today anyway.





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