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I spent my weekend in the midst of a crazy Neighbour drama and in the aftermath of it, I feel a little tender.

The saga involved a group of leavers, lots of partying, broken property (of mine) and some confrontations.

Today as I drove to spend the day with friends I realised something that would have changed the situation a little.


I was in my rights to bust these school leavers, but in reflection I was just as bad if not worse.

I could have sat with them and listened, taken some food over an checked up on their health, however in the heat of the moment I gave them a piece of my mind.

They broke my favourite chair, that I sit out and watch the ocean with. The chair had sentimental value as it was the first thing I bought when I shifted into my beach shack. Lovingly painted and was worn with love.

They didn’t mean to break it though.

Today I feel a little quiet because I feel I could have handled the situation a little better.

Creative kindness is one of my trademarks.

I think kindness smooths over many a sore.

Try a little kindness next time.

I’m speaking to myself.

Even though they are punks who should have treated me and my belongings with more respect, I could have been kinder in my response.




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