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Sometimes our friends are the worst enemy to our dreams. Go figure.

It’s our closest friends who often encourage behaviors that inhibit us reaching our goals.

Sometimes our closest friends are the ones who provide the biggest road blocks to change.


All come into play and our friends are sometimes the ones who enable our emotions that stop us from believing that we can step out and make a difference.

If you are thinking right now, wow, yes that’s me, then maybe some new friends are in order for 2013.

I don’t mean you need to have massive emotional break ups that end with ‘I just can’t be your friend anymore…’,

Just simple decisions to distance yourself from toxic friendships that enable your bad habits.

You know, the ones that when you start a diet offer you cake and keep on asking till you cave.

Those ones where you make a decision to stop gossiping about others and they manipulate you into awkward conversations.

Those ones who tell you ‘oh you could never do that’, discouraging you with subtle words, the ones that hold you captive to their control.

They are not friends.

Friends encourage you and inspire you to achieve your goals.

Friends tell you when you are making a decision that is contrary to your beliefs.

Friends have hard conversations yet let go and let you make your own decisions.

Friends sing your dreams back to you when you have forgotten the tune.

True friends.

Many people don’t realize one of the main ways people fail with new years resolutions is because of the enabling that happens around them.

That friend who has had a big fight with her husband, who you let unpack the whole lot on you and you go to rescue her.

That’s enabling.

You need to walk her back home, get them to sit down and do the talking with each other, not you.

That time when you bring out the chocolates when someone is desperately trying to loose weight. Unkind and enabling.

Need I go on?

What areas of your life are you enabling bad behavior in others?

Who is enabling bad decisions in your life?

How can you bring truth to these relationships and recreate a new pattern?

Happy nearly new year.

In two more days, I have blogged every day for a whole year. A huge achievement in my books!



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