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capture 2: chapter 7


Tonight is the night.

It is on!

In four days, I will be boarding a plane for Thailand and I must pack and weigh my bags. Thirty kilograms, sounds like a lot but when you want generously give, it is such a dilemma.

We are going to stay in the slums of Bangkok, a slum called Khlong Toey. We are working with an amazing group of individuals from Urban Neighbours of Hope ( Our desire is to be a help not a hindrance, to make a small difference and want to take as much resources as we can.

(to continue to read this section of the book ‘Capture: 30 days of inspiration- desperate for change’, download your chapter from January 1, per day.)

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day seven- baggage

This is day eight of a 31 day journey through January. Please comment and email, I love to hear what is happening as we journey together.



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