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capture 2: chapter 17

i am

Just the thought of coming home to a hot shower was like a hit for an addict awaiting their next fix of drugs. My feet are swollen, I have heat rash, I have mosquito bites everywhere and today was a tough one.

I am not sure why I struggled today, no particular reason, but from the minute I woke, to lunch, till I came home, I found myself waning.

Some may say it’s the tropical heat that clouds your mind, others the time away from the desk that is now actually catching up with me. I’m not sure, but my responses today make me wonder how often I think about myself.

(to continue reading this chapter click the link below and download the e-copy of chapter 17 of capture 30 days of inspiration- desperate for change)

day 17- I am

This journey is only half way. Write and tell me how you are going.


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