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capture 2: chapter 18

I am smiling still from a fabulous day of shopping, crazy taxi rides and chilled dinner parties. We aimed to conquer the Chatachuk markets, but we didn’t even come close. The markets were insane, so full of people and we lost one another so many times.

There were bargains to be had and crazy sights to be seen. Block after block, row after row, t-shirt after t-shirt we witnessed a buying frenzy.

(click on the link below to continue reading this chapter, download the e-version of this chapter 18 of capture 30 days of inspiration: desperate for change)

day 18- camaraderie

This chapter takes us on the journey of partnership. Asking the question who are you doing life with today?

Thanks for being a part of this journey together, we are over half way.

Hope this finds you living an inspired start to 2013.


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