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dreamerI have always been one that likes to dream big, the only problem is I like to be liked.

Living a life of empowered imagination, one where you actually do the things you dream of is never an easy one.

People will dislike you because living beyond yourself and living a large life will bring criticism.

The tall poppy syndrome is rife in the creative alley’s of our coffee shops and facebook pages.

I am not in competition with anyone, I am just running the creative race that I have been drawn upon.

When we constantly compare our creative pursuits with others, when we are desperate to be noticed by others and commended for our efforts our creativity is strangled.

It is impossible to create when we are stuck in the pit of competition and comparison.

I believe the best dreams are unleashed in a free place of uniqueness and freedom.

Are you stuck?

Is your dream struggling to take shape?

Stop comparing yourself with others. Stop trying to be something that you are not.

And live your creative dream.

Be more that you could have ever dreamed of.

Be that which no one else can be.

Uniquely you.


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