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jump puddles in your nightie


This morning rain came to our seaside home for the first time in months. Waking to the sound of rain and the warmth of my doona was a gift for this tired mumma this morning.

My son came softly into our room telling us the sun was up and there were puddles to be conquered. ‘Rain has come mum. Can I put my chicken boots on?’

You see he has this pair of gum boots that he only wears when he visits his Nan’s chickens. Today he connected the boots and the rain, ready to explore.

Boots were thrown on, rain jackets peeled over and the puddles became his playground.

‘Take a photo Mum, take a photo.’ but I was only in my nightie and hadn’t even managed a coffee yet. The milk was off, the coffee machine sat ready and I picked up my camera.

Some days, you just need to capture moments that are right in front of you. Making brain pictures of your less than perfect, immeasurably beautiful life.

Running around half naked in the rain with your three year old makes the most perfect start to our weekend.

What memories are in your today that you might be missing?


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