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She is more precious than jewels

Shoalwater, WA

It is quite easy to look at the innocence of a young child and see their naive beauty. 

Their perspective, their lack of cynicism and the profound view they hold on the world around them.

Something shifts however, they grow into teenagers, then adults and we stop seeing people as humans and our expectations grow beyond the beauty and simplicity of the connection we once shared.

Yes maturity asks that we grow, learn and change.

And compassion asks that we treat people with respect and grace.

But sometimes we forget the gift of mercy that can be extended to all in times of stretch and strain.

The definition of mercy is this;

“To be kind or forgiveness shown towards someone whom it is within one’s power to punish or harm.”

A woman of wisdom bestows mercy often when it just does not make sense.

She does this because she recognises that she too is not without fault and someone also saw the innocent beauty of her humanity once.

It is a gift that continues to give long after the circumstance has faded.

Proverbs 11: 17 says it this way;

The merciful man does himself good, But the cruel man does himself harm.

When we are merciful and forgiving toward someone vulnerable, we see the person as a human being, rather than someone in whom it is our right to make ourselves superior. Mercy lets us set aside questions of equity, justice, vengeance, or even blame; it asks not what a person deserves, but what they need.

Understanding the brokenness of other people and the pressures they experience makes it easier to be merciful.

I love this proverb 3: 15 how it describes this wisdom and gaining a heart of understanding…

She is more precious than jewels, and nothing you desire can compare with her.

It shows the beauty that is available to everyone of us, outside of possessions, outside of looks, outside of jewels, gold and finery.

Without mercy, the world would be a harsh, exacting place. When we recognize the grace we have received, all of the times that we have, mercifully, not gotten what we deserved, perspective shifts and we find in ourselves a desire to give others the same gift.

Are you struggling to give mercy or forgiveness to someone?

Are your expectations so high, that no one will ever meet them?

Proverbs 17: 9 says this

Whoever covers an offence seeks love, but he who repeats a matter separates close friends.

Reframing your view of someone and seeing them as a child. See them as someone who so desperately needs a break. See them as human, broken, confused, impacted by other humans, someone who is just having a go. Yes someone that may have done the wrong thing, but never the less is seeking mercy.

You are more precious than jewels.

Wisdom decorates your heart and soul with indescribable beauty.

Every time we extend our hearts and lives to lift another, something deeply profound happens. An innocence awakens, a return to a place where we are not superior than another, we remember where we have come from, how many times we have got things so deeply wrong and an equilibrium shift occurs.

Let’s keep forgiving extending grace in situations that don’t necessarily deserve it.

Let’s keep finding ways to extend mercy and care to those who don’t thank us for it.

Let’s keep digging deep the well of wisdom, to find ways to bestow respect and honour on humanity once again.

We are not each others judges, we are fellow companions on the journey.

We were designed for community and every time we accept each others differences, we shift the balance back a little more to neutral.

Wisdom is not a call for the weak, it is a call for the very brave. Those who are willing to go to places than many do not have the courage to go.

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