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Dealing with your disapointments

Pineapples, the grounds.
Sydney, NSW

Every transition carries with it disappointment.

We are funny human cargos, carrying around with us, the weights and measures of our days. Moments filled with expectations that remain palpable in our today.

Expectations unmet.

People’s word unfulfilled.

Our perspective clashing with someone else’s.

Change is seriously hard work.

Have you ever come out of a season, carrying expectations of what you thought should have been done and the reality of what actually happened?

The funny thing about change is, everyone battles with the readjustment and everyone gets it a little screwed sometimes. Disappointment is a daily part of living an aligned and purposed life. People say things that they don’t follow through on, expectations remain unmet, we live thin lives that mean we often are disappointing someone.

The best thing we can do with disappointment is face it, be honest with it and move quickly on.

Recently I read a ebook from a new online friend Tracy Lilley called ‘The pineapple project‘. A paragraph she wrote really impacted me;

The true heartbreak is our complicity. Allow the fact that we could be an active participant in this delusional state to be unsettling. Because when we consistently fail to action what we know must be a priority, it is as if we have broken a promise to ourselves. If we continue to neglect what is really important to us, we start to lose faith in our ability to live aligned with our values and eternal purpose.

We are complicit in perpetuating the cycle of difficulty in our in-between seasons, by holding onto emotions that hold us captive to our past, rather than propelling us brilliantly into our future.

Do you want to live a life aligned with your values and eternal purpose?

The best thing you can do is sort through the emotions, the offences, the difficulties, anything that is holding you weighted in a place of complexity. This is the best thing we can do in the in-between.

Finding resources like Tracy’s amazing work, to realign what you are living for and why, is a brilliant use of our time in these seasons of transition.

Are you worn out?

Are you disappointed?

I know what that feels like and I see you, however I believe that you can step forward into a new and beautiful rhythm that carries you into wider fields.

Disappointment holds us captive.

Set it free my friend.

Write it down.

Talk to someone who will listen.

Dream about the future.

Reframe what’s happened trying to see it from someone else’s perspective.

Lower your expectations of people.

May peace reign in our hearts during these seasons of movement.

May we truly trust in the One who sees every humble moment of letting go and trusting His divine ways.

May we be a people of forgiveness, who hold hearts and lives with precious abandonment to a Creator who knows, sees and cares.

He carries us.

He loves us.

He designs a way to bring all things together for good.

Even those heavy days, when we are hurting.

He sees.

I am absolutely sure of it.




2 thoughts on “Dealing with your disapointments

  1. Such wise words Amanda. I love it, thank you for sharing

    1. I loved meeting you properly face to face this week. Have a great day my new friend. Thankyou

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