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What is your legacy?

Christmas Kokonest from The Birds Nest Company, Perth.

What is your legacy?

Everyone of us is leaving an imprint behind on this planet. A signature that is uniquely you. Every word we speak, every time we type, every morning when we awake.

We are leaving a legacy. The word legacy is so deeply connected culturally within families to money, inheritance. It doesn’t take long though to find story after story, when a huge legacy of money is left but all it activates is jealousy, entitlement, greed and more.

Every time we hear a celebrity failure story, we are reminded time after time that money, success and fame does not equal character or a happy life.

In the last three years, we have given birth to two little people. Two little personalities. Two little humans.

Every word, action, failure, success, morning, evening and moment they are absorbing our messages we are teaching them. They are little sponges soaking up every atmosphere we engage them in.

Together my husband and I have been talking about what we want the content of our lives to look like. If we both played the movie forward to the ends of our days, what is the main message we would have wanted to teach our children? What would we want to be known for? What legacy would we want to leave on this planet?

We have talked and talked. We have dreamed and planned. Then one day my husband came to me and he said this is what I want my legacy to be.

Helping young people find strength, purpose and dignity. The dream of his business had been birthed. Over the last year he has been working so hard to launch and birth his legacy.

Named after our children, like businesses hundreds of years ago were, to make a statement to the world about the character and legacy of families, who are deeply passionate about their local community.

A website has been made, surfboards, stand up paddle boards, fins, wax, hats, watches, board bags and more have been designed and manufactured.

With a deep breath of courage we are stepping out into new days to create a life that we have dreamed of living. I am sure we will fail, I am sure we have so much to learn but we are desperate to live a life that makes a difference and to live a legacy that is just not a dream on a piece of paper in a journal but to step out and actualise those whispers.

Throughout this month I will be writing each day about Legacy and the beginnings of our family business start up.

The lessons.

The fears.

The opportunities.

The funny stories.

My desire is to awaken in you the dreams and the potential you carry to leave a legacy that echoes and reverberates throughout history.

What mark do you want to leave on this planet?

What do you want the history books to say about your time here on earth?

When you step into eternity what question do you think you will answer with what you were given?

We will be launching our online business, that will give away its profits to support children who are on the streets across the world and get them involved in surf projects.

Speak again tomorrow about legacy,


2 thoughts on “What is your legacy?

  1. Great Amanda! Your legacy will be one of love. xxx

    1. Thankyou so much for your encouragement. All our love.

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