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You are being robbed every single day.

Little by little, if our happiness, sense of contribution, identity and joy could be stored in one little bank account, we would see withdrawals every single day. My dear soul searching friend, you are being robbed every single day.

We are being robbed every, single time we compare our life, our walk, our possessions and our relationships with anyone. We live in a society that thrives on comparing lives to one another. The media thrives on it, businesses milk it and politics manipulate it. If we can just have what she is having, then maybe my happiness bank will be overflowing.




Every time you compare your life to someone else, you loose. Every time. It is never a motivating force that brings blessing into your life, it is a negative drain, that sucks beauty, peace and life right out of your today.


Here are some simple thoughts that will help you stop comparing your life and find your own purpose.

  1. Every story is unique; We all have a unique path and purpose. Your story is just that. It is yours. No one else can bring together your gifts, your seasons, your disappointments, your lessons and your ways. No one, not your sister, not your friend, not your Mum, not your boss. Full stop. You have a path of lessons and opportunities that are yours alone to follow. When we celebrate our own journey and release others to live their own, then the snare of comparison becomes less overwhelming.
  2. Your voice is important; Your thoughts, your opinions, your ideas and your dreams are important. They are no more or less important than anyone else in your world. When we compare our lives, ideas, businesses and thoughts to others we often fall into two difficult life spaces. One space is copying. We spend our days trying to sound, look like and express ourselves like the person we have attached our happiness too. The problem is whenever you try to be someone else, you will always be a phony. No matter how well you pull it off, one day that sound is gonna sound fake, dissatisfying and oh so disappointing. OR you become entitled. An entitled person sounds a lot like a spoilt two-year-old. A person who thinks their voice, their sound, their ideas or their life is more important than someone else’s. You, my friend, sound like a jerk. Entitlement is one of the worst sounds on this planet. A voice that is entitled sounds kind of like a shriek. Like nails scraping down a blackboard. You end up thinking the world owes you a favour and your comparison is judgemental and full of decay.
  3. Celebrate your sister; Seriously when one of us wins, we all win. By laughing, gossiping and pulling another sister down, you will always loose. The people that are with you will not trust you and you will walk away at some point and reap the rewards of your bitchfest. The best way to combat comparison is to live a life that rises above and celebrates another in the midst of victory. I promise you, my friends there is enough room for every person and their purpose on this planet. The room is not physical, it is a spiritual place. A place that brings purpose for every single person. Celebrate your sister. Celebrate your friend. Heck, celebrate your enemy. There is enough room.
  4. Find your path; What is your path? What is your purpose on this planet? I promise you if you spend your hours developing your purpose and leaning into what is destined for your own unique life, you will not have time to compare yours to another. When you find your path, when you walk it, when you explore it, when you devour it, your life becomes so full, that you cannot fathom the thought of wishing you had someone else’s life. You thrive in your own lane. You run, you stretch, you discover and you blossom. Find your lane and run. Don’t look to the left or the right, train, stretch and keep on running.
  5. Your progress is profound; Often when someone encourages me in an area that I have progressed in, I am the first to minimise their feedback. “Oh no, please don’t”. We duck, dive and cover all in an attempt to seem somewhat humble. When someone tells you-you have grown, you have had a victory, you are changing or you are doing a good job. Do one simple thing. A short simple thing. Don’t justify, don’t tell them that they are wrong, do this, say thank you. Full stop. Thankyou. Accept the acknowledgement that you are progressing. Tell yourself little heart that you are changing, growing and having a big fat go and say thank you. Honestly, your progress is profound and my friend celebrating it, will not give you a fat head. Your progress is a profound place of combating comparison.
  6. Cultivate Gratitude for your place, season and today; Your today is precious. There is something so fragile about today. I believe this because I totally know there are seeds in your today, that have a purpose for your tomorrow. And every single time we compare ourselves to someone’s today, it is like we rip out the seeds planted in our today for our tomorrow. Your seeds in your today need to be watered, cared for and nutured so they can grow in  your tomorrow. When we are grateful for the seeds in our today, they grow. When we compare their progress to someone else’s we rip them out of the ground and stunt their growth. Gratitude is the greatest fertiliser for your tomorrow.

Every time we compare our today to someone else’s we are robbing ourselves of our tomorrow.

Every single time.

Speak again tomorrow,


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