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Christmas Devotional: Seasons

Today has been difficult for a whole host of reasons and the thought of writing is furtherest from my mind. I know however that when words are sown, my heart experiences a relief that can only be described as healing.

This song brings together the close of my devotions here this Christmas and tomorrow the close of the series. From the first time I heard this song my heart broke open from a season recent travelled.

It’s hard to explain it because grief encased my expectations but describing myself in a winter seems suffice to say the least.

Have you ever walked a winter season?

One where every door and window seemed firmly shut?

I have too and the feeling of being isolated and excluded has been the tenor of this walk towards the new.

Recently I published a book titled New Days and its significance is more far reaching than just a description of a collection of my words. I believe it is a statement that we all long for especially if the season has been hard.

I explained the shift that’s happened this year to a friend and I said it’s like coming from a dark cave into a glorious wide open field. And sometimes there is nothing you can do to the cave but surrender to lessons that it holds deeply for you.

Humility asks us to walk seasons of difficulty that sometimes feel like they last an eternity. This is the walk of becoming, it is the surrender of our own will. Some describe it as picking up our own cross but I am realising it’s actually the plight of humanity.

Without pain we cannot grow.

Without surrender we cannot travel a new path.

Losing control means stepping into our greater tomorrow.

Freedom exists on the other side of fear.

So to those whose Christmas seems more dull than bright this is my prayer for you.

That you would find peace waiting for you in the midst of the soil that surrounds. That even though tears soak your today, that seeds planted here would be nourished bringing life to your glorious future. That hope and peace would hold you captive. That friends would make you smile from the depth of who you are. That you would discover a saviour waiting who understands the pain of seeds dropping. That iniquity would not overwhelm you but the history of miraculous tomorrows would hold you comforted in His arms.

In the name of Jesus


Day 11: Seasons

Ps- put this song on repeat. It is just amazing.

New Days, a vision workbook has just been released for download here. A tool to help you reflect, journal and envision at this time of year.

2 thoughts on “Christmas Devotional: Seasons

  1. Yes, yes and yes.

    I have had this song on repeat since you first mentioned it to me ??

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