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Small changes in our family that have changed everything

Have you ever thought “surely things need to change?”

As a family, we have been intentionally shifting the atmosphere in our house. Little steps, small decisions to let go of our days and embrace the moments as the season shifts again. Winter to Spring, three-year-old to four-year-old.  Sleep deprived Mum of toddlers to chief negotiator of children who talk a lot!

My husband recently emailed me this poem he found and we have been actively applying it to the letter. Laying our phones down, switching them off and throwing out anything in our house that doesn’t bring joy.

Movie nights and embracing our big feelings. Running off to the pool instead of doing homework. Giving away things that make us feel cluttered. Taking them out after they had already been in bed for fifteen minutes to catch pokemon on our windy foreshore.

I have a tendency to lean towards the serious. If you meet me in person, I am much better at a one on one conversation than a quick shallow networking moment. I am extroverted on stage, but quite introverted by nature in my everyday.

My children draw all the words I have stored up in my memory bank of imagination. My work is words and then I find myself swirling at 5 pm because I am in desperate need of letting go of all the feelings I have accidentally packed into my emotional backpack.

Laying it all down.

Doing all the hard things.

Focusing on the present rather than disappearing into my future through story and imagination.

Children are miraculous, but they are deep sea divers in your patience and history.

Let’s remember this and sit on the floor and bang pots with them. One day soon I’ll be waving them off to university. But for today, I will embrace the little things that bring them great delight and remember that releasing control is often one of the greatest achievements we will ever attain.



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