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Seek Peace: week one

Write your comments below. Devotional from Seek: a devotional guide to surrender

What does the practise of peace mean to you?

This weeks devotional is all about peace. Watch the video below to talk through how to seek peace in your everyday. 

Reply to this email to let me know how you are going?

I have also included some social media images for you below if you want to share them and also access to my online workshop write hard to help you write with clarity. 

If you have your paperback copy or your downloaded PDF grab it and let’s go to week one this journey together.

2 thoughts on “Seek Peace: week one

  1. Hello lovely! Listening to you and being with you in prayer from London this morning has been so energising for me. Thank you for your spirit.

    1. Oh my lovely friend. I am so glad you listened. Big love to you XXOO

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