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Journaling Prompts for Self-Compassion

Here’s a list of 25 questions to journal with and find ways to shift the inner critic and move towards compassion.

  1. Acknowledge how you feel today?
  2. How can you give yourself permission to do something life-giving today?
  3. What do I need right now, small, big or in-between?
  4. Who are the people in my life who are nonjudgmental, trustworthy and genuinely have my heart in mind?
  5. How can I spend more time with them in the next month, send a text or email now?
  6. What is one healthy thing I can do to support myself to reframe the current mood?
  7. When do I feel happy?
  8. What are the stories that are regularly playing in my head, listen with curiosity?
  9. What is one story that doesn’t support me, which I can re-story?
  10. How can acknowledge a persistent problem in my life, can you write a list of what is not working?
  11. What is one feeling that I struggle to feel?
  12. What habits help me move through this emotion?
  13. What do I need to feel loved from my partner or close friend, name three things?
  14. What makes my heart come alive?
  15. How would I speak to a friend who has the same problem I am grappling with today, write a short letter or text to them to encourage and then replace your name?
  16. How do I wish I was parented when I was six years old?
  17. What is stopping me from being kind to myself?
  18. What is one tiny step I can take to chip away at the wall in front of me, stopping me from starting to address a project or problem?
  19. What is one word that I feel comfortable saying to myself when I need support?
  20. What is something interesting I’d like to explore this week?
  21. If I loved myself fully, how would I treat myself every day?
  22. What’s one small way I can start doing that today?
  23. What’s a lesson I can learn from a recent mistake?
  24. What are my greatest qualities?
  25. What is a brave move this week?

To take a personal retreat with more questions like these to reframe with self-compassion, listen to this playlist and order your copy of Begin Again, a personal day retreat guided journal.

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