Storytelling for social media webinar

Welcome to storytelling for social media

(2-hour webinar)

One of the greatest tools we need for our online communities is the ability to tell great stories to find the community of people we are wanting to communicate with. Amanda Viviers is an early adopter with all things Social Media and she has created a simple webinar which is two hours in duration to help you answer questions to create selling content on your social media spaces. This webinar has been presented to over 500 business owners with rave reviews. Sit back, grab a cup of coffee and grab a pen, get ready to grow your social media following.

What is included in this session:

  1. Ten questions that will change your social media content for good!
  2. Find the best social media site for you, do less but be more targeted.
  3. Top tips on Instagram.
  4. Top tips on Facebook.
  5. Build your content calendar and schedule posts like a star!

Download your course booklet here:


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SOCIAL MEDIA PHOTOGRAPHY ( 1. 35 hour webinar)

Here is a second video to help you with your social media photography.

If you would like more help with writing, Amanda’s WRITE HARD ONLINE COURSE can be found here.