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from little things big things grow

The Grounds of Alexandria, Sydney

Lately I have had a little chorus growing in my heart.

“From little things, big things grow. From little things, big things grow.”

I have always known that this is a simple but profound principle, but when something comes alive to me I cannot stop singing it in my head.

The little thing you are doing on the side, your hobby, your passion, your idea, it has the potential to grow.

That lesson you are learning, that seems so laborious, is stretching and growing your capacity for the new.

Often our in-between seasons look a lot like the little.

We say goodbye to something that was, and we struggle to let go of the pull that draws us into its perceived beauty.

Last night I sat on the beach and watched the most amazing sunset, like a once in a year offering. On the beach beside me was an older lady, who looked like the beach was her only friend. We stood spellbound by the colours that flashed across the sky, in a moment that seemed too sacred to even speak.

So we didn’t.

We stood metres away from each other and awkwardly tried not to interrupt the quiet of the moment absorbed in the beauty of nature. A few photos later and I went up on the wooden stairs and sat for a long time just watching.

I watched the weight of years hang heavily on my beach combing companion. Her shoulders hunched hard and she walked slowly away from the point of the Bay. As she walked down in front of me, slowly, gingerly, I could tell she just didn’t want to go home. Every couple of feet, she turned back to look longingly at the sunset, checking its inspiration once again.

She walked painstakingly slow down the beach towards her car and the further away she got, the more she turned to see what she was missing out on.

Many, many turns later, she was mostly out of my sight and I saw her turn back just one more time.

A tear dripped slowly down my cheek as I watched someone live out literally how we often live our days.

Nostalgia is a liar, we turn and look back at the things we have done in previous seasons, looking longingly at what we have left behind.

No matter how far we have walked, we turn back, we can’t help ourselves with questions like;

If only? What if? How come? How could they? Why did it?

Then we step into transition seasons of the in-between and we struggle desperately to recalibrate because we are changing.

I think we are afraid of in-between seasons because there is something in our hearts that cries you were made for so much more than this. Then we look back and remember moments with the leanse of perspective and believe that it was just so much better than it actually was. Distance changes the colours and it looks so brilliant. As we walk towards the unknown, we can’t help but look back.

The unknown carries with it, seasons and times of starting again.

The in-between brings with it, pioneering times.

The transition between seasons asks that we begin again.

No matter how seasoned we are at transitioning there is something so awkward about starting at the foundations again.

This week though my friend this song has been haunting me…

Plant those seeds,

Dream those dreams,

Pioneer again,

Start that business,

Make that phone call,

Speak to that coach,

Ask someone for help,

I truly do believe that the best is yet to come.

I read this quote yesterday and it resounded with my season so much;

As you navigate through the rest of your life, be open to collaboration. Other people and other people’s ideas are often better than your own. Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life.

Amy Poehler

You never know as you discover the new in your season, what life change is about to occur.

Yes that sunset looks absolutely breathtaking, but walk boldly into your new.

You just never know what may grow.

That little something, may just be what you specifically have been created for.





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