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Room for Revolution

Place: Milkd

Poison: Skinny Cap

Favourite Things: Miss Elly and the start of her weddding week!

Paul De Jong, is a speaker from Auckland New Zealand one of my favourite places in the entire world. A big shout out to Hannah, Ruthie, Annie and all the crew at ACLC.

At church some guest speakers come and go, three weeks later, a new theme and they are forgotton. This weekend however, Paul brought something that left a deposit in the hearts of our people,the message he brought to our city was simply life defining for many.

His message was called ‘Room for Revolution’. The main point ‘Are you making room for revolution in your life?Basically are you making room for healing, power, life, love, the essence of Jesus Christ to bring about the revolution in that which He was designed to bring.

He spoke out of a chapter in the old testemant, about a woman who was desperate to have a child. She tragically lost that child in his teens, and her response to the happenings surrounding his death. This woman has captured my attention and reminded me of the many times that I have given up hoping for the revolution that God wants to bring into my world and those around me.

Her attitude to the hard trials of life has spoken to me so deeply. She tried year after year, miscarriage after miscarriage to concieve, her sentiments ‘It is well with my soul’. Not a depressive, ‘eeyore’ sigh! A raw expression of a heart that trusts in God not man to bring about the revolution and the promises looming in the wings. So after 12 herat wrenching conceptions and 12 heart wrenching deaths, she carried a baby to full term. Then tragically he son dies before her, sounds like an episode of Grey’s Anatomy hey!

Her response was not a screaming match with the doctors however. Her response as she turns to the camera, with a depth and integrity ‘It is well!’

How often do we fall straight into the stance of defence when life throws us some high balls. This woman from centuries ago has taught this pilgrim to believe big in a God who is everpresent in our hour of need. 

Make room for revolution. Not allowing the challenge to dominate my everyday, refusing to accept second best and allowing the time needed for the miracle to be birthed.

It is well! Can I truly say that about some dreams and desires I have that are taking decades to be realised?

It is well…


2 thoughts on “Room for Revolution

  1. Hey buddy, I’m sitting in the admin portacom at Sistas conference waiting for conference two to commence in about an hour! Paul spoke this message on Monday night at Sistas conf one and I agree with you it is simply a gift from God’s heart to have revelation like that. I’m having so much fun here at conference. Serving in the guest lounge.Sinead and hannah are here too volunteering..just like old times! Love you….X Annie

  2. Miss Annie,

    I miss you and love you heaps.

    So glad that the conference is going well and the girls are well.

    You are beauitful, never forget that amidst the conference craziness!


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