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scones, cooking and the GTC

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Poison: Skinny Flat White

Favourite Things: Museli and Yoghurt (YUM)

I have many fond memories of my mum, but one of the most vivid is her amazing ability to make a house a home. She did this in so many ways, but mostly in hospitality and the openess of her heart and our front door.

She owned a small cafe when I was in primary school called ‘Patty’s Pantry’ and it embodied the grace and generousity of her whole life.

She taught me from a very young age that the dinner table and the kitchen are the heart of a home! Scones, muffins, homemade sausauge rolls, sponge cakes were so much more about her heart to love on people, than the actual contents of the recipe.

My mum would get up at 3am to bake (OH WHAT A WOMAN!), but her life (as all of them have been, from swimwear manufacturing, fabric warehouses and cafes) was all about commitment to the people she served and the smile and heart that she generously gave.

GTCC2 (1).jpg

Here is a photo from last year’s ‘Annual GTC Christmas Cookie Bake off!’ I love it… More than anything it speaks to me about life, moments, capturing creativity and friendship.

Food is not found in the recipe, it is all about the heart. A great chef adds more than the ingrediants on a page, a great chef creates character in the food.

I love to cook, but more than that, I love to live loud with food and the atmosphere of a home. Wherever you find yourself, grab another and celebrate life. Its the only one you’ve got!



PS- And have a glass of wine for me, toasting to the good not evil in this big, wild old world.





2 thoughts on “scones, cooking and the GTC

  1. cheers to that girlfriend!! love you, hope you had a great arvo. xx

  2. i’ll drink to that!

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