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Place: Milkd

Poison: Whatever Lorenna made me!

Favourite Things: John Mayer in my ears…

Today as I was driving to milkd I was thinking all about the law of momentum! (andrea are you impressed, milkd and a new thought all in one!) Anyway, the big thought was ‘How is it when you are busier you seem to get so much more done, than the days that you have nothing planned.’

My own Answer ‘the law of momentum’…Event Management is all about momentum, and it is not something that you can force or muster up, its just something that is ridden.

In years gone past, when really busy I have stressed, driven and tried so hard to get everything done that needs to be done in the midst of manic event weeks. However this week is the busiest one I have ever had, in my 7 years of event management, but I am doing everything that I can to ride the momentum rather than force it.

Random thought, but a great one. On the days, months or seasons when you don’t have much on, enjoy that time, rest in it and restore. On the days, months, seasons where it is HUGE, manic, full on and jam packed, rise to the occasion, ride the momentum and go for it.

It is in those weeks more washing gets done, more tasks get striked off the list and more love gets shared.

Love it, harness it, enjoy it. There is nothing worse than a stressed out, manic, painful person who grits their teeth through the business of the everyday. If you’re hating it- change something. If you’re tired- sleep more and say no to something. If you’re busy- embrace the momentum, you never know what could unwrap itself in your life.



ps- if you are in Perth, get ready for the BIG weekend and Church Together this very weekend. Promises to be a weekend of MUCH MOMENTUM for our entire city!


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  1. Very impressed!! and the thought… so very true! x

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