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Place: Milkd

Poison: Skinny Cap- perfect brew by Lauchie

Favourite Things: The GTC & my travelling friends, GOLD COMBINATION…


We have been slightly obsessed with the cupcakes from milkd since my party. We have a supper tonight with the crewbies and Claudine is the chef of the moment, but the 20 cupcakes we’ve ordered from Milkd are the top of the craving list.

Why is it, when we taste something that we love, that we want more and more and more…Random thought by you know what for me, the more I taste of connection, God friends and especially spirituality I totally want more.

This weekend is the BIG weekend at Riverview, a time when we are spending most of the weekend with friends, family and at church. For some this sounds like a complete drag…Church the whole weekend. NO WAY!

For me, I am so expectant, so excited and the thought of spending time with the people I will be with, is the best place I could be in the entire world.

Seriously, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else, other than in church, stilling my senses to the craziness of life and focusing beyond myself!

Cupcakes are the new GTC favourite, but hanging out in the house of GOD, with expectancy, joy and purpose is my favourite thing right now!

So if your in Perth, come along! If your in another country, Podcast the messages, it will be worth it, if your in another world, be with us we want and need it!

Cupcakes and God…

I reackon he’d be into it!

I know I am



4 thoughts on “cupcakes

  1. podcast I hope I can.
    missing all the action.
    will be in tokyo this weekend.

  2. Thank you Lord, for podcasts! Does a muffin count as a cupcake? Thats about the only decent cupcakey thing we can get here and we have to go to ‘Starbucks’ (dont tell anyone) to get it!
    Love Sim and G

  3. Praise the Lord for Podcast!….. and cupcakes too.. although im not fan of sweets

  4. WOW- you guys are all so so missed!

    Mica- can’t believe I’m doing this without you.

    Garrick & Serg- the stage sound will not be the same without you.

    Simone- the dance team is going well, but not the same either.

    I will try post photos and keep you guys up to date!

    Much Much Love


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